G-Inter provides its corporate clients with solutions in relocation services to minimize the impacts of a transfer, whether international or national.

Services such as the search for residences, preparation of city guides, guidance on hiring home maintenance services, are provided by our own trained staff, ensuring all necessary assistance to the transferred employee.


This program gives the assignee a brief introduction to city guidance to better understand their location and what their lives will be like for them and their family.


We can provide a comprehensive property search program in any country for transferees who want to stay at their new location for 12 months or more. This helps ensure your new home meets your lifestyle requirements from the start.


The right school for an assignee’s children is vital to a successful task. At G-Inter, we can conduct a comprehensive school search in any country to find the ideal school for children of all ages and backgrounds.


A program offered to transfer professionals who want to stay only for a short time. G-Inter introduces customers to furnished apartments – whether you are transferring it on a business trip, relocating, or temporarily relocating, or just for a short time.


  • Hire services such as internet and cable TV;
  • Hire professionals for home maintenance services such as: painting, plumbing, electricity, etc.;
  • Assistance services for interviewing national professionals;
  • Termination of a lease agreement for a property and its return to the lessor;
  • Consulting to help return a property to the owner.


  • Personal organizer;
  • Cleaning and maintenance arrangements;
  • Airport pick up;
  • House rehabilitation assistance.

Leave Relocation matters with us!

We guarantee a smooth and totally stress-free international move.

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